Casella’s Granite State
Landfill Project

In order to better fulfill our commitment to New Hampshire to deliver desperately needed disposal capacity and the recycling infrastructure that will reduce what goes into our landfills, Casella is working with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services to amend our wetlands application. This will result in a soft “reset” of the process. We expect to file the amended permit application, along with others in December of this year.


  • The map to the right shows the location, natural ridgeline, and landscape buffers provided by the proposed site. The site is located at an elevation below Forest Lake and other nearby bodies of water.

  • The proposed site includes a 137-acre footprint for the lined landfill.
  • The total area that will be used by the site, including all infrastructure and construction areas, is just over 250 acres.

  • The access road and staging area stretches more than a mile from Route 116.

  • The landfill is expected to provide nearly four decades of safe and secure disposal capacity.


  • Guaranteed payments of $2 million per year
  • Community Fund of additional $50,000 per year
  • Free trash and recycling collection for residents and small businesses
  • Income from renewable energy projects at site
  • Free disposal of up to 1,000 tons per year of Municipal Solid Waste and Construction & Demolition debris from the town Transfer Station
  • An estimated $71 million over 25 years in direct financial and other benefits to the town
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